Mold Design

In Mold Design we always give our time and effort to design that would work properly and efficient. We design 3D models of a Cold-Runner Type Plastic Injection Mold (2-plate and 3-Plate) with complete parts and components for mass production.

Our design are based initially from Customer requirement and Specification, from it we gradually study and apply which standard Mold Base, Parts and Components to be use until the final design is complete. Our Mold Base design can adjust to plastic Injection machines varies from 15T up to 300T capacity.

Design content:

  • Standard Mold base (FUTABA and HASCO)
  • Standard Mold parts and components (FUTABA, MISUMI and PUNCH)
  • Single cavity, multi cavity or family cavity mold (layout)
  • Size and layout of slide and loose core
  • Any types, size and layout of gate and runner
  • Ejection type layout
  • Water cooling system layout
  • Detailed parts list

  • Other services:

  • We create detailed manufacturing drawing for machining purposes based from own 3D mold design or from customer 3D design.